Family Fights Over Property Of Natalie Wood: The Woman Found Dead In Her Sydney Home After 8 Years

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Natalie Jean Wood was the "forgotten Aussie woman" as her dead body was found lying inside her home after eight long years. But now her million-dollar estate is up for grabs. Her 12 long-lost cousins have finally showed up.

During her low-profile funeral, John Newlyn, her 83-year-old cousin attended. According to Daily Telegraph, Wood was not able to leave a will of who will inherit her property in Surry Hills. She left with whopping bank account of $79,270.40. Enid Davis, her sister-in-law, was the other relative who paid respect to her deathbed before she was finally cremated.

Newlyn said Wood's relatives only discovered her passing via various media news reports. He added she had nine cousins still on her dad's side while three cousins from her mother's side. Newlyn thought the remaining cousins may be interested in the money they can get from the estate amounting to $800,000 in the market today.

Natalie Wood, the Forgotten Lady of Sydney

In July 2011, police authorities found her dead body by her bed, which was a month before she turned 87. When she was found, she was close to being a skeleton along with her bright pink dentures. Her bones were described "smelly" like expired canned goods.

It remains a boggling question why she was not missed by her relatives for the past eight years affter dying inside her apartment. also wrote that even when she lived in a busy inner city stretch, no one really knew that she existed. One guy who lived beside her home shared he always thought the house was "derelict."

Wood was last seen alive on Dec. 30, 2003 when she bought some prescription pills for her blood pressure. It was also reported she had turned down recommendations of getting home care and assistance.

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