The Fame Feud on Twitter: "Tampon Girl" Giovanna Plowman Vs. "Dog Girl" Alyssa Rosales [PHOTOS]


Giovanna Plowman is trending on a lot of social networking sites all thanks to a viral video she made where she sucks on her own used tampon. While the fame is making loved and hated by a lot of netizens, another fame-hungry girl seems to have overthrown her. Alyssa Rosales is making quite the name all thanks to a video of herself doing it with her dog. Now, it's a big fight between Giovanna and Alyssa - who is becoming more famous?

The things people would do for fame would sometimes border on disgusting to downright delirious. Still, some people wouldn't stop for anything to get the attention they need,. This is where some teenagers in today's society come into the picture.

Two recent internet sensations have been taking the World Wide Web by storm. First up is Giovanna Plowman, the girl who sucked on her own bloody tampon and next is Alyssa Rosales, the girl who jumped in bed with her own dog. With all the attention on them, these girls are now fighting on who is better than the other.

"Who is this bitch who got fucked by a dog and sucked its dick? Trying to out do me sweetie? Dont think so your ratchet as fuck and thats animal cruelty. What i did was gross yea but you just took shit to a whole new level!" stated Giovanna Plowman on her Facebook account.

The fight doesn't even stop there because two hours after the video of Alyssa became viral, Rosales created her own Twitter account in an attempt to diss Plowman. To date, Rosales has over six thousand followers all of whom seem to love picking on the teenager who "f*cked" her dog. Alyssa's tweets took a jab at the "Tampon Girl" which are as follows.

"@ItsGiovannaP you sucked your own tampon? i took it to a whole new level. why are you mad? cuase i'll get more famous then you?" stated Alyssa, which was followed by, "This tampon girl is really mad cause i'm becoming famous and her 15 min of famous is don. #FatGirl"

Whoever wins this round it's still clear that anyone would do anything to get famous. In just a few days, another fame-hungry teenager would probably do something even more badly.

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