'Fake' Prince Harry Visiting Memphis Turns Into Frenzy; Police Step in For Protection

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Looks can be deceiving. Apparently, the Memphis crowd has to learn this the hard way.

Prince Harry and Prince William of the British royal family may both be in Tennessee, in the U.S. to attend a friend's wedding. But could it be Prince Harry heading to a restaurant in Beale Street and ending up getting photographed and mobbed?

It could have been the real Prince Harry, but apparently the prince that the crowd saw visiting Memphis was Matthew Hicks, the star of the upcoming reality dating show, "I Wanna Marry Harry."

Matthew or Matt Hicks was Prince Harry look-alike, who apparently will be fooling 12 women that he is the real prince in the new TV series premiering on May 27. According to Fox, Hicks has been given the "royal treatment" and "upper crust makeover" to look like the real prince before he meets the 12 women. It turns out that Hicks really looks like the real Prince Harry.

This weekend, while Prince Harry and Prince William were attending Guy Pelly's wedding in Memphis, Matt Hicks went out just in time to confuse several people in town.

A report from Inside Edition said the frenzy began when people assumed that Prince Harry has arrived to grace them with his aristocratic charms. The people formed a crowd, ogling at the man they believed was the prince.

"One girl was near tears and shaking as she took a photo with him," an onlooker told People. "One woman swerved across traffic to hop out and get a photo."

But what started as an ogling scenario ended up in frenzy as more people, locals and tourists alike came to take photographs with Hicks. The report said fans were jumping up and down to see the "fake" Harry.

"It turned into a frenzy!" Matt Hicks told Inside Edition. "Within seconds, I couldn't move, couldn't walk down the street!"

The event got wild that the police had to step in for protection. Another onlooker told People that the police had to provide the fake Prince Harry an escort to the restaurant where he was heading.

Hicks admitted the event had been "quite scary" and he was thankful he wasn't the real prince.

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