Fake Doctor from Canada Freshly Charged of Assault as He ‘Physically’ Examined a Child

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A Canadian man who claims to be a doctor has been freshly charged for allegedly acting like a paediatric neurosurgeon. Additionally, Darko Jovanovich, the man has also been charged of fraud under $5,000 and for offering marijuana in prescription. He has been charged with five counts of assault.

The acts of fraud took place in Windsor, Ontario, when the 32-year-old impostor carried out medical examination of 5 people aged between 4 and 40, CBC News reported. The fake doctor allegedly asked a victim to opt for marijuana for chronic pain as he claimed that he could get a license for medical marijuana in lieu of cash. He said that it was possible for him to do as he was a doctor. Simply because Mr Jovanovich was not proven to be certified doctor, it would be called an assault as he physically examined a child.

The Windsor impostor allegedly demanded $50,000 from a "desperate" family that was trying to find a cure for their daughter's illness. He agreed to do a surgery on the girl to get her cured. According to Windsor police spokesperson Sergeant Matt D'Asti, Mr Jovanovichr told the family that the amount of money he charged "was a bargain." According to Windsor Star, the surgery was supposed to be conducted in the U.S.

Mr D'Asti said that the initial investigation had been carried out in both Canada and the U.S. There was no evidence in favour of the man that could make Mr Jovanovich eligible as a certified doctor, he said. Mr D'Asti earlier called Mr Jovanovich "very charismatic." He said that Mr Jovanovich had known exactly what a medical doctor was supposed to say.

CTV News reported that fresh charges were laid against the man pretending to be a medical doctor on Monday, March 17, days after he was arrested on fraud charges. Officials do not refute the possibility of Mr Jovanovich having offered medical assistance to other people in the community even though only 5 victims have been identified at the moment.

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