Faith Hill, Tim McGraw Divorce: How True is Faith's Rumoured Jealousy and Insecurity?


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's marriage is allegedly on the rocks with the couple already planning a divorce. According to In Touch magazine, the couple's marriage is "hanging by a thread as Tim prepares to hit the road with a pretty, young singer."

Reports said Faith's jealousy is taking a toll on their marriage especially now that Tim is touring with Cassadee Pope. The source explained that the tour is "exposing old wounds and new doubts," saying Faith is scared of the temptations Tim faces - the parties, groupies and other acts.

Now that Hill and McGraw's relationship is rumoured to have some issues, Faith's brother Zachary White is reportedly trying to help her during her hardest times. "He has acted as a mediator between Tim and Faith during several of their worst blowups and helped the couple talk through their problems. Zachary has saved Tim and Faith's marriage - for now," a source told the Enquirer.

The two have been together for over a decade of smash hits, raising a family and red carpet appearances but while the seemingly perfect couple appears to have a successful marriage all figured out, they still have been plagued by jealousy, insecurity and divorce rumours. The famous country music duo are reportedly tired of divorce rumours and just wish the tabloids would talk about topics other than their marriage.

The rumour suggests that Hill and McGraw are headed for a $135 million divorce and the two addressed it with humor. "Let us do it! Run away together somewhere," Hill joked about it before addressing it seriously saying, "It is perplexing. It stinks. I wish people would not buy those stuff and they would stop printing that stuff. Happy is good. I do not know why happy cannot be a story."

"We have been married for 17 years now and I think since the first week we have been married, those kinds of things were already out," added McGraw, who was equally tired of the rumours as Hill. The couple only worries about how the rumours will affect their three daughters, Maggie, Audrey and Grace who, according to Hill, have never said a word about it.  

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