Facebook’s New Feature Could Soon Revolutionise Real Estate Leads


Real estate agents who have been avoiding Facebook now have even less excuse to avoid the social network behemoth. The company's recent announcement that they would be setting up a "graph search" on the website - meaning that the search function will become more accurate and allow more specific requests - could lead to Facebook users utilising the site more often in their hunt for new property. This new feature could revolutionise the way in which personal recommendations for new properties and local real estate agents get passed around. This new search tool retrieves results from your own network and profiles that have been made public (either fully public or to friends of friends, people who live in the same city etc.) Which basically means anyone looking for a new home could get quick and reliable results for the following search result examples:

  • Real estate agents recommended by my friends
  • Friends of friends who are real estate agents from this city
  • Real estate companies liked by my friends who have moved in the past year
  • Real estate companies in Altona VIC liked by people who live in Altona VIC

In this way, the new Facebook feature makes word of mouth - a much-prized promotional asset - much easier to come by. You might not be able to afford missing out on it.

There are plenty of people who can advise you on how to get started on Facebook. And if you're already there, make sure you publish your facebook links on listing sites such as Thehomepage.com.au, where your agent and agency profile can include links to your social networks.

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