Facebook Viral Post Strikes Again: 'Explosion Of Galaxy Grand Killed 10-Year Old Boy' A Hoax?

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New Facebook viral has struck again showing photos of a 10-year-old boy and an alleged Samsung Galaxy Grand exploding and killing the boy after calling while charging the device. But some sources indicated that the boy is alive and out of danger.

New Smartphone Hoax?

New smartphone explosion post is spreading online via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter revealing images of a 10-year-old boy sustaining severe injuries then dying after attending a call while charging a smartphone.

"Pass 2 all your contacts. Today again a boy died in Mumbai, because of attending a call while his mobile was at charge. That time he had sudden vibration to his heart and fingers were burnt. So please don't attend calls while charging your cell phone. Please pass this to all whom you care. When phone's battery is low to last bar, don't answer the phone because the radiation is 1000 times stronger," description of the spreading online post.

FB Investigations noted the bad marketing effects on the Samsung Galaxy Grand, which looks pretty close to the smartphone exploding and allegedly killing the boy.

Apparently, this is not the only version which appeared online. Another one described a boy who died in Chennai by doing the same thing - attending a call while recharging the device.

Truth About It?

According to New Indian Express, a mobile phone did explode and severely injured a 10-year-old boy from Dewas District but it wasn't caused by a Samsung Galaxy Grand, rather a Chinese-made device.

High resolution photos of the smartphone revealed that it has been made by Micromax. Click below to view them.

[Image 1 and Image 2]

It occurred during the night when Arihant was playing games on the smartphone while recharging it at the same time inside his home at Uday Nagar Village. Police noted the boy fractured his fingers and sustained injuries to his face and eyes after the explosion.

Doctors treated the victim and already confirmed he was out from any further danger. But due to the extent of the damage to one of his fingers, blood flow had stopped and amputation may be required to prevent spread of bacteria on his hand if no improvement occurs.

Charging While Using A Smartphone

No matter if it's a hoax or not, smartphones produce heat, energy and radiation alone whether recharging or not. Users simply don't need to hear or see incidents like this since devices may take toll during overheating scenarios.

Whenever you're recharging a smartphone or tablet, it is best to leave them until fully recharged and avoid usage for intense tasks or calls which may cause the device to heat up. Recharging the device also adds temperature as electricity passes through and it is suggested to unplug it before answering any calls.

Keep the device in well-ventilated area and not directly exposed to the sunlight. Remember there is no such thing as perfect device. You are obliged to take good care of your gadgets.

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