'Facebook Login' And 'Anonymous Login' - New Log In Functions For Users [VIDEO]

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A man is silhouetted against a video screen with a Facebook logo. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Facebook is on its way of developing and releasing new apps and functions to improve overall user's experience.

On April 30 during Facebook's "F8" Developer Conference, the new "Facebook Login" and "Anonymous Login" were announced. It will be available to the users in the next few months.

Facebook has already made enhancements in almost all of its apps in the past few years. Some updates and "improvements" gained mixed responses from users worldwide.

One of the most notable and possibly under-appreciated improvements was its Login update in 2013. The past changes enabled users to sign in to their apps without typing in the password every time and having apps to always request permission to share back on Facebook.

Currently, Facebook adds more improvements to the Login function. First, people will now have more control of sharing data using apps. Facebook Login lets people edit the info they provide.

Second, Facebook Login has been updated by letting each user to choose what information they want to share about themselves, including their friends' list. This solves the issue when a user sees his/her information shared by a friend with an app they didn't use.

Third, a "Login Review" is added to the cited improvements. It will address concerns about apps that ask too many permissions. Login Review will study and approve permissions that apps request beyond public profile, e-mail and friends' list.

Lastly, there is the new Anonymous Login. This allows users to log in to apps without sharing any information to anyone at all. Here only Facebook can verify the user and afterward it's the entire user's freedom to do anything.

In trying different apps, non-Facebook users won't be required to create accounts, passwords or share personal data. This app also allows users to log in with one device, and later on continue with other devices. Anonymous Login also works like the regular Facebook Login, making an enjoyable experience for all users.

CREDIT:Bloomberg News/YouTube

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