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New features on Facebook will be added soon that will help users have a more convenient navigation over the social network.

Facebook has been the top social network all over the world. Over the years, previous updates like page updates or the new profile design update have been included to Facebook. Now, once again new updates will be coming to Facebook.

Facebook "Save" Button

Facebook users can now save their items such as links, movies, photos and music and check it for later.

"Every day, people find all sorts of interesting items on Facebook that they don't have time to explore right away. Now you can save items that you find on Facebook to check out later when you have more time" said Daniel Giambalvo, Software Engineer on his blog.

Users are able to view the saved items in the "More" tab on mobile or by just clicking the link on the left hand side of Facebook when using web. The saved items are listed and categorized wherein you can share it with friends or put it on archive, FB Newsroom reports.

Reminders about saved items will also be added on the update and it will be available on iOS, Android and Web very soon.

Learn more about "Save" by visiting Facebook Help Centre.

Facebook "Mentions" App

The Mentions app is now available and exclusive for celebrities and public figures in US with verified pages or profile. This creative app will help celebrities have an improved communication with their fans. Celebrities or public figures are able to view conversations of their fans and can also join the fan's conversation. Hosting live directly from celebrity's mobile to have Q&As or share updates is also enabled, Facebook reports.

"Nearly 800 million people are connected to public figures on Facebook, and interacting with athletes, musicians, actors and other influencers is an important part of their experience" said Allyson Swope, Product Manager. "We want to make these interactions even better"

According to FB Newsroom, admin of a verified page can request access to Mentions directly. For public figures, just download at iPhone app then request access.

Facebook "Buy" Button

Facebook is planning to add a "Buy" button for online shopping and help businesses. It would be an easier way to purchase items posted on the newsfeed.

"Today we're beginning to test a new feature to help business drive sales through Facebook in News Feed and on Pages" posted by Facebook.

There would be privacy of credit and debit cards information when having a transaction on Facebook. Facebook will not be getting any interests from the revenue of sold products using the Buy button. Online transactions will be handled by a third-party payment company, according to NDTV.

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