Is Facebook Eating Your iPhone Battery? Here is the Fix

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One ubiquitous app installed in every iPhone is a Facebook app. A significant problem that iPhone users face across worldwide got to be the battery-drain problem.

Could there be a relation between the two entities:Facebook and battery drain?

According to the recent findings of Scotty Loveless, a former Apple Store Genius, Facebook is one of the primary reasons that cause iPhone battery drain.

Although there are so many tips and tricks available online to improve the battery life of handsets in general, most of them point to turning off the Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G data services. This trick works but the sole purpose of having a smartphone is defeated head-on.

How is Facebook Responsible?

Loveless ran couple of tests to ascertain his claim. He ran developer tools to track all the activities on an iPhone for a particular period and discovered the Facebook app was incessantly requesting resources. In the process, the battery was getting drained even when the phone was idle.

According to Overthought, Scotty got his iPhone 5s recently, and he realized that the battery was draining faster. So he decided to run the App Instruments from "Xcode," Apple's very own developer tool, to figure the problem out.

App Instruments is an Activity Monitor for iPhones, allowing developers to see all the background processes running on the phone at any given time and provides information in memory and processing power usage by each app in real-time.

At some point during testing, Facebook continued to climb up the process list even though Facebook was not being used.

To confirm this anomaly, Scotty disabled the "Location Services" and "Background App Refresh" of Facebook, and the battery percentage shot up in the list. The leap was from 12 percent to 17 percent on his iPhone.

BGR said, "Facebook runs certain processes in the background as part of the in-built messaging service. Also, the most interesting of which may relate to an upcoming effort to launch a new mobile VoIP calling service tied to its app."

This was also believed to be a problem with Facebook depleting the battery charge of iPhones.

The Fix

The following two setting changes will make the iPhone battery shoot up. This is applicable for any smartphones:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Disable the service next to Facebook.

2. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh -> Disable the Background App Refresh.

Do you have any other tip to enhance iPhone battery performance?

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