Facebook COO Talks About Creating 'Equal World' For Women

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Le's talk about women empowerment. Being the highest ranking woman on Facebook, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg speaks out her stand on the importance of women to occupy the other half of making business decisions.

Sandberg joined the ranks of the social networking site's board of directors in 2012 making known her staunch advocacy for women ever since.

In a news report from BBC, Sandberg said: "It's really important that since women make up half of the population, women start having half the seats at tables where the decisions are made and that's not where we are today."

The solo female in Facebook's board advised women to act on their fair share of decision-making bodies and other relevant activities. She advised women to think of genius plans to carry out their thoughts and have self-retrospection if women would have the courage to do such part.

She also mentioned certain areas where women could potentially excel  at unbelievable rate such entrepreneurship, business and politics. The millionaire COO even wanted to ban the term "bossy," which was attached to her role as the highest ranking woman of the social networking site.

The 44-year-old lady boss recently released her second book, "Lean In for Graduates," which was a sequel of her 12-month top-selling first book, "Lean In."

In the new edition, the book commenced with a simple letter to the graduates which call for women to make a more equal world with equal voices in the decision-making process and everybody sits at the table. It also calls for women to augment their own circumstances instead of focusing on the outside pressures.

New Yorker reported the introductory part of the book cited: "Very few people, women or men, sail through their professional lives without hurdles and setbacks. But women face additional challenges, including blatant and subtle discrimination, sexual harassment, and a lack of sensible public and workforce policies. Women of color face even greater barriers."

A self-made billionaire who rose from the middle-class level, Sandberg also shared her amazing journey to where she is now. According to her, women find it hard to negotiate on their behalf most specially when the topic is all about salary.

 In her case, Sandberg made careful negotiations on the stock option packages where she and her entire family could avail of.  With prudent selection, she was able to negotiate the available stock options that paved her way toward the millionaire level.

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