Facebook is Auto-Uploading Your Photos, But Do You Want it To?

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Facebook Photo Sync allows you to effortlessly upload photos you have snapped with your Android or iOS device. What should you be cautious about?

The Photo Sync was in limited testing in August. Now it is operational to some select users before a full rollout. It follows the mechanism of both the Instant Photo Upload of Google+ and the Apple Photostream. The photos you took are uploaded to a private album called "Synced from Phone," which you can view in your Facebook photos. From there you can choose which photos to share for your network's viewing.

Here are five things you can do to avoid future issues with the Photo Sync:

1. Check if the system is available to your account by checking your Facebook Timeline. Tap photos and see if you have a Sync button.

2. The Photo Sync works only if your Facebook app is active. If you can afford to check notifications at certain time intervals, better to shutdown the app to avoid battery drain.

3. You can choose to sync only over Wi-Fi. This is better than unnecessarily spending precious mobile data. Otherwise, photos are uploaded only at about 100KB for cellular transfers.

4. Photo Sync turns itself off when your battery levels are low, but it could very well cause the drain in the first place so make sure to check the apps you're running.

5. To avoid inadvertently uploading private photos, check that Facebook does not accidentally change the privacy settings of your Sync album.

Photo Sync was featured on The Verge, and here are some comments from readers:

I deleted FB app 2 weeks ago, since it was hammering the phone with wakelocks. Now, battery life is better then ever and I don't get annoyed with FB notifications anymore, win-win. - tadejkolino

Why use Facebook to store and make albums? For me, SkyDrive does a good job. Google Drive and Apple's PhotoStream aren't bad either. - kjb434

If you want full-sized automatic photo uploading, Dropbox is the way to go. - beatsandmelody

Do you like Facebook's Photo Sync feature? Feel free to share your insights and tips in the comments below.

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