Facebook App Gains Voice Messaging Feature

  @ibtimesau on

Facebook recently got an update and it features Voice Messaging in its app for Android. The users can expect full support for voice messages and faster image rendering. Facebook users can also share their friends' stories directly on their own timelines which before was exclusive to the desktop version.

The Facebook voice message feature activates by pressing the "+" in the chat box then tap the "Record" button and hold it down to record the voice message you want to send. When ready, release the button to send the message. Relatively, the sending of voice messages is quite fast and can be heard by the recipient.

The Facebook Messenger app also released free voice calling over Wi-Fi or mobile data connection within the messenger for U.S. and Canada users. It is also expected that their messenger app will soon have video calling similar to that of Skype. For now, there are apps in Google Play which allows video calling for Facebook.

Facebook App includes the following features:

  • Facebook Timeline
  • Share posts, photos, and videos
  • Notifications from messages, invites, and comments
  • Text, chat, and group conversation services
  • Games and applications now in mobile app

The recent update was on Jan 18, 2013 and has the following changelogs:

  • Open and viewing of photos faster
  • Share your friend's stories to timelines, pages, and groups
  • Sending of voice messaging in the conversation chat box
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