F1 Racers Felipe Massa and Sebastian Vettel Pay Tribute to Michael Schumacher at Australian Grand Prix

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Formula One (F1) retired German racing driver has been in a coma for two and a half months now after hitting his head on a rock during a skiing accident, and with the 2014 F1 currently happening in Melbourne, the racers participating in the event, such as Felipe Massa and Sebastian Vettle, both have paid their tribute to the F1 legend.

Schumacher's former teammate Massa had the initials MS inscribed on his helmet. Massa said during a press conference in Melbourne via Yahoo Sports that he has thoughts on Schumacher every single day and that he is continue praying for his recovery. He is hopeful that everything will go back the way it was before and that Schumacher will be okay. "For sure it was a shame to see what has happened, but I keep thinking about him," Massa uttered. "He's on my helmet and I'll keep praying and hope that things are okay for him soon and he comes back," he added.

Vettel, on the other hand, has also paid tribute to the seven-time world champion by etching the stylized version of Schumacher's signature on his helmet too, The Independent reported.

Schumacher's Current Condition

A report by The Australian stated that as per Schumacher's agent, the racer who just turned 45 in January is showing small and encouraging signs that he may be on his way of the waking up process. The latest statement released by Schumacher's family reads how it is difficult for them to understand how their beloved family member had been so hurt after such an ordinary situation, given the fact that the racer had survived many dangerous situations in the past.

Nonetheless, Schumacher's family remains optimistic that he will recover, get better, and wake up from coma. They know that they have to be patient amidst the painful struggle that they are facing at the moment.

Those small signs that the doctors are currently looking for are the movement of the eyelids as well as the ability to be able to breathe without the help of a ventilator.

Dr. Tipu Aziz, who works as a professor of neurosurgery at the Oxford University said that it is still extremely hard to envisage what it is going to be like for Schumacher if he really wakes up from coma and stops using a ventilator. "In all likelihood, he will be severely disabled," said Dr. Aziz.

On Dec. 29, Schumacher fell at nearly 3000 ft. and hit his head during a skiing incident in the French Alps.

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