Extremely Rare Photographs of New-born Baby Polar Bears Captured by Photographer in Canada

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A wildlife photographer needs patience, a lot of patience. He has to be at the right place at the right time to capture a fleeting moment and make it timeless. Thomas Kokta was able to do exactly the same. It is extremely rare to witness polar bear cubs in the wild. It is believed that no more than 500 people so far have been able to watch new-born baby polar bear amid raw nature.

Mr Kokta captured three polar bear cubs playing with their mother in the snow as they came out of their den. It was the plains of Canada, covered completely in snow. Mr Kokta is from Issaquah, Washington. He travelled to Manitoba in Canada to freeze the stunning frames of three baby polar bears on their very first steps on mother earth.

Giving birth to triplets is quite rare in the wild among polar bears even though twins are pretty common. That is why the images turned out to be extra special. Even if triplets are born, one of them starves to death as stronger ones fight for the mother's milk and win. The smallest and weakest tend to lose the battle of life. On the contrary, this was not the case for the cubs Mr Kokta took photos of.

According to Mr Kokta, all three cubs looked happy and healthy with their mother as they played around her. There was a number of portrait-style family poses which they gave. Mr Kokta admitted that he loved capturing photos of the wildlife. At the same time, he reminded that the task was extremely challenging.

The temperatures fluctuated between -150C and -500C while Mr Kokta travelled on foot. He insisted that it would be nearly impossible to move close to polar bears without disturbing them if he was travelling in a vehicle. Mr Kokta also said that he had to face the challenge of the sleep patterns of polar bear cubs. He did not have any other choice but to wait as the cubs had their long sleeping sessions.

Watch the amazing images HERE.

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