Extreme Online Gaming Killed Two, Experts Get More Concerned

By @snksounak on

The perils of online gaming have hit it hard. The culprit this time seems to be "Neknominate" - the online game that encourages drinking alcohol in extreme ways. The game also includes challenging friends for doing the same task.

There is an increasing trend of people uploading the videos of their "heroics" on social media. Many of the Neknominate videos are getting thousands of views. In the meantime, there are a couple of deaths recorded in Ireland that have supposedly been a result of the social media gaming.

The Mirror reported that 19-year-old Jonny Byrne was found dead in a river in Co Carlow, Ireland. Apparently, the last activity that Mr Byrne did before plunging into the River Barrow was to get indulged in Neknominate. Jumping into the river was allegedly a part of the nomination process of the game.

Another apparent victim of the game was 22-year-old Ross Cummins who was a DJ from Dublin. Mr Cummins was declared dead after he had been found unconscious in a Dublin city house and rushed to hospital. His Facebook page had a video a week back that featured him participating in the Neknominate.

Experts from all over the globe are getting increasingly concerned about the potential danger involved in the game. Canadian music teacher Chuck Teed from the Interaction School of Performing Arts, Saint John, expressed his concerns to CBC News. He found a video which was posted by a New Brunswick person drinking a pint of liquor. Mr Teed believed that he could recognise his students featuring in the Neknominate videos. Some of the students seen drinking hard liquor are underage, he said. He found Neknominate videos on YouTube "disturbing."

The potentially dangerous game is believed to have originated in Perth, news.com.au reported. However, the social media sharing took the game to the global level. Australian authorities have grown conscious of the game as there are several videos on social media show people getting indulged in dangerous and life-threatening activities while showing off boozing skills.

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