Exposed: School Pimps Students in Virginity Trade in Cambodia

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Many Australians were misled and gave donations to a school charity that was found to have been pimping its students to foreigners.

A four-month long investigation by two former Australian detectives, who are working with the Cambodian Children's Fund Child Protection, found that a fake online English language school run by a former Cambodian monk - Long Ven - was actually pimping their students to foreigners.

Long Ven allowed foreign visitors to take the children on day trips or have the children overnight in rented houses around town.

Investigations found that he usually pimps his students through social media where he promises clients for Asian girls under ten years old. Hiding behind a school charity, he could easily transport children to Eastern Europe where he apparently has a large number of clientele.

Thea Sophat, provincial social affairs department director, said that the fake English school had been running for six to seven years now without the necessary papers from the Cambodian government.

A Danish woman who had volunteered for the school alerted the authorities.

 "We have found that the school owner dealt in child trafficking because he provided teenagers for sex to foreigners," Sophat told The Independent.

This is the first time that a school in Cambodia was discovered doing such horrid act to its students, Am Sam Ath, technical supervisor for rights group Licadho said.

 "This is a new case, of child trafficking at a school. I appeal to authorities, especially the Ministry of Education, to check before letting a school open with free teaching."

Child trafficking, dubbed as 'virginity trade', is rampant in Cambodia.

According to Tim Huon from Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE), a non-governmental organisation that investigates child sex abuse and exploitation in Cambodia, 'virginity trade' or previously called 'virgin buying', became popular due to some Asian beliefs that a virgin brings good health and good luck.

 "Rich, powerful Asian men who believe that if they have sex with a virgin it will bring them good health and good luck, and some think that it will even cure diseases, like HIV, " Huon explains.

 As time passed, the country had become known among Western paedophiles as well.

Child traffickers' schemes continue to evolve through time; the recent development of which is the case of Long Ven hiding under the pretext of running a school charity.

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