Experts Bash HTC for the High Price Marks of HTC One: Will You Buy when iPhone 5 Proves Cheaper?

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Prices for HTC One have started coming out and Aussies wanting to own the new powerful Android phone will have to give up $746 when buying via Harvey Norman, pricey for a device wanting to lure hordes of buyers, analysts said.

Elsewhere, the fresh handset seems to turn off enthusiasts by its expensive price propositions. U.S. customers need to shell out at least $US200 to enjoy the HTC smartphone while those in the United Kingdom are required to fork some $150 plus monthly fees to get hold of the gadget.

True, what HTC has produced in the HTC One is top-notch handset but analysts fear buyers will simply shun the product. It is unreachable by any means, they added.

Compared to the iPhone, which comes with the Apple pedigree, the HTC device is surprisingly priced higher, BGR News said.

The high price tag seems to belie HTC's aims of repositioning itself to a better market position because selling at a price point that douses cold water on consumers' interest is not exactly a good start on taking the path for recovery, the tech site added.

For example, "HTC should be cutting deals with European operators to push the package pricing of the One at least to the same level of iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, if not slightly below them," BGR suggested.

CNET agrees as it reminded the Taiwanese firm that at this point "nothing suggests ... that the HTC One will be anything other than a thoroughly decent mobile."

"Any potential buyers hold fire for a month or two to check out Samsung's next flagship before throwing down cash," the popular tech further advised.

While the smartphone trend points to the production of more powerful devices, pricing has become a prime concern too in order to convince buyers that getting a new gadget makes sense and not a financial pain at all, experts said.

Chief indicator of this prevailing mindset is the efforts coming from both Apple and Samsung to complement their high-end product lines with equally capable handsets that are budget-friendly.

The South Korean firm is not exactly a stranger to such approach as it sells affordable Galaxy smartphones while Apple is reportedly on its way of introducing price-sensitive iPhone variants.

These are two tech giants currently on top of their game but are prudent enough to read and follow the market forces, BGR said, adding that it is a folly on HTC's part not to play the same game.

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