‘Expendables 3’ Trailer Reveales Additional Action Stars

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The action-packed, star-studded movie, "Expendables 3" released its newest trailer and it revealed a brand new plot with Mel Gibson playing an enormous part in it. And it was not just the "Braveheart" hero who would make a grand comeback in the action scene.

Even in the opening of the trailer, which spanned over two minutes, viewers already got a taste of a real "Expendables" flavor: helicopters chasing a steel-hard train; bullets flying around like firecrackers; massive explosion after an equally massive clash; and to top it all, a new action hero joined the team. This time, Sylvester Stallone who played the role of Barney Ross, the leader of the team, welcomed the star of "Blade" film series, Wesley Snipes. "No better place to be," he said in the trailer after getting out of the prison train that carried him.

But the real deal centred on the arrival of Mel Gibson in this film. He revealed that he created the "Expendables" team alongside Stallone, only that their fallout caused the former, playing as Conrad Stonebanks, to pull out from it. "What are you gonna do?" asked Arnold Schwarzenegger (Trench Mauser) in his "Terminator"-like accent. And Sylvester's answer? "Reload."

But the surprise did not stop there. Equally famous action stars, Antonio Banderas (Galgo) and Harrison Ford (Max Drummer) would also join the team of fist-fighting, muscular men. But their real contribution in the film was not yet revealed in the trailer, except that they were allies of the team. On the other hand, other actors would reprise their roles: Jason Statham (Lee Christmas); Jet Li (Yin Yang); Dolph Lundgren (Gunner Jensen); Randy Couture (Toll Road); and Terry Crews (Hale Caesar).

The "Expendables" series first thrilled the action fans in 2010. It consisted of actors popular for action movies in the 80s and early 2000s. It brought back hardcore scenes that focused on action sequence like fist fights, explosions, usage of guns but also inserted humor with Terry Crews delivering the punchlines and acting as the comic relief among the group. Then "Expendables 2" followed it with Chuck Norris, Liam Hemsworth, and Jean-Claude Van Damme joining them.

"Expendables 3" will hit the screen on August 15. 

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