Expectations for CES 2014: 4K TV, Wearable Gadgets, 3D Printing and Biometrics

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With CES 2014 just days away, new technology and improved existing devices are going to take the center stage at the much-awaited tech event of the year.

Here are some of the tech trends and devices that you should look forward to for CES 2014.

3D Printing

3D printing has not received a very noticeable demand in 2013, but for CES 2014, there will be a 3d Printing TechZone to showcase the latest in the technology of that industry.

In a press release straight from CES 2014, it seems that the new TechZone will allow for more exhibitors including 3D Systems, Stratasys INc, Makerbot Industries, and Sculpteo.

"Exhibitor demand really drove our decision to formalize this 3D Printing TechZone, as it's quickly becoming one of the more dynamic and innovative categories within our industry, while also becoming more accessible to consumers from a price perspective," said Karen Chupka, senior VP for International CES and corporate business strategy.

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Wearable Technology

The year 2013 had seen the introduction of Google Glass as well as a bevy of smart watches that enable health tracking and notifications monitoring. For 2014, these same technologies will take center stage once more, this time with a designated section all of their own.

According to MacRumors, a TechZone exhibit dubbed WristRevolution will be given the spotlight at the CES 2014, and will feature a number of companies that already have their own smart watches.

Beyond the wrist technology, there will also be appearances for smart glasses and even armbands for fitness tracking, but it's likely that there will be other surprises coming at the tradeshow.

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Notable names in the electronics industry will be among those that will join the 4K TV bandwagon, including Sony, LG, and Polaroid, as they debut their own versions of the new technology.

In fact, LG has already announced that it will be featuring its latest like of 4K OLED TVs, starting with a 55-inch, a 65-inch, and a 77-inch panels that will be displayed on site. GSM Arena reports that some of the models already have a 3840x2169 pixel resolution, reduce reflections with a slight curve of the panel, an upgraded LG Motion Remote, and HDMI 20 ports.

Polaroid is also debuting 4K TV sets for CES 2014. Engadget reports that the two TV sets will be priced at $1,000, which features the 50-inch 4K TV set with 3 HDMI inputs.

Even Sony is coming at the CES 2014 armed with 4K technology, and the company doesn't seem to be looking to restrict themselves to only 4K TVs. According to TechRadar, Sony may even feature 4K camcorders laptops, an even smartphones.

"We're [going] after the premium consumer out there. It's clear people will want to generate their own 4K content," said Sony's Phil Molyneux in statement quoted by TechRadar.

*Mobile gaming is very much alive in 2014, as five games are set to debut, including THIEF, Joe Danger Infinity, and Agents of Storm: Read the details here.


It seems that CES 2014 will also give a glimpse of the progress of biometrics that already adhere to a particular standard for a more secured authentication and verification--a problem that fingerprint scanning in smartphones have seemed to fail at.

Forbes reports that handful of devices featuring a more refined authentication procedure using biometrics may debut at the event. There may even be a progress with fingerprint recognition technology as specialists in that field will show off standard-compliant sensors that can be utilised in mobile devices.

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