Exercise Your Way With the Best iPhone Workout Apps

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In case you are unaware, your iPhone can help you achieve your gym goals.  For a quick workout and the best way to use your gym commitment anytime, check out for these best iPhone workout apps from a post by Allyson Kazmucha of iMore, and see which one suits you best.

4 Minute Workout - Free

The 4-minute workout comes from the Tabatha way of exercising. The activity involves super-high intensity moves for 20 seconds, and followed by 10 seconds of rest. Many people believe that a 4-minute is as good, if not better than a traditional cardio exercise. One of the best things is that this does not need any equipment use.

7 Minute Workout - $1.99

The 7-minute workout has the same developer as the 4-minute. Compared to the 4-minute workout, it is not as high in intensity but has many good illustrated workouts. You can start with a chair but as you go along, you can track your progress and weight loss. It can also integrate a special abb workout if you like.

Couch to 5K - $1.99

The Couch 5k to focus on a 5k track and field.  Commit to three workouts a week for 30 minutes each. There are 27 workouts in total which start off by a 60-second run and 90-second walking. Do this in alternate for the whole session. As you go along, you will increase your running time until you are at 5k distance.

Fitness Buddy - $1.99

Fitness Buddy is somewhat similar to JEFIT Pro but breaks the exercises down with a little difference. While focusing on a body part to develop, you can choose equipment and toggle the settings. Each time has an animated image so you are guided. Its built-in tracker will record your workouts.

JEFIT Pro - $4.99

JEFIT Pro is for building and toning muscle. This is about weight and strength exercises that do not require any equipment. You can break the exercises and concentrate on the areas you want to tone. JEFIT account will record your workouts and stats to help you achieve your goals.

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