Ex-College Football Player Chase Vasser Reportedly Fired From ‘The Walking Dead’ After Spoiler Tweets

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Former college football player Chase Vasser has denied that he has spoiled upcoming episodes for “The Walking Dead.” The University of Georgia linebacker sent tweets back in April, which were interpreted by his followers as spoilers for the hit U.S. horror series.

In early April, Vasser tweeted, “It’s Official! Tune in on Oct 13th on AMC for The Walking Dead! #cannibaltwist.”

He followed it up with another tweet, saying, “Bad timing to say I’ve never watch an episode of The Walking Dead. Gotta Catch Up ASAP!”

Another more recent tweet, which appeared to have confirmed his role in the show: “That’s A Wrap! Finally done being 193 pound drug addict. Beast Mode now for next Role! #ZombieKiller #NotDyingEasily”

The tweets, which have since been deleted, seem to refer to the rumoured rise of the cannibals on “The Walking Dead.” Readers interpreted the posts as his being offered a role in the hit TV show.

October 13 was the season premiere date of the show in 2013, but as the date falls on a Monday in 2014, it’s unlikely that the show would premiere its fifth season on the same date, but on the 12th. “The Walking Dead” airs Sundays.

During the weekend, however, Vasser claimed that he wasn’t talking about TWD at all.

But not everyone is buying his explanation. Speculations on social media claim that Vasser had to take back his tweets because the producers weren’t too happy with him spoiling twists of the show. Perhaps the tweets have even cost him a role.

As the Movie Pilot noted, Vasser’s sudden denial doesn’t seem to make sense. The site believes that there was more to his non-involvement with the show as he let on.

“Either he’s still on board and this is a ruse to distract us, or he’s spoilery tweets announcing his own casting didn’t sit well with the overlords at AMC and they’ve given him the boot,” writer Matt Carter said.

Although there has been talk of the introduction of cannibals in the upcoming season of the show, the producers refused to confirm or deny it. With Vasser tweeting “#cannibaltwist” and “The Walking Dead” together in a post, it is understandable that his followers thought he was really talking about the show.

Meanwhile, series creator Robert Kirkman said that there has been “a lot more secrecy on set” to avoid spoilers.

“Just because any images that get out of any kind of things that are seen do in a sense spoil that cliffhanger, so we’re trying to keep things a little more tight this time around,” he told EW.

He added, “I will say that we definitely start this season in an up cycle, whereas last season we definitely started the season in a down cycle. So we’re certainly changing things up in that respect and we’re gonna kind of hit the ground running this season.”

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