Everyone Wants an iPhone 5 – poll

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iPhone 5 is not yet out in the market but a lot of people are noting that they will purchase the new iPhone.

InMobi conducted a study on mobile users from the U.S., Mexico and Canada and found out that more than 40 percent of users will buy the new iPhone. Also, almost 50 percent of them plan to purchase the iPhone 5 within the next six months upon the new iPhone 5 debut.

If the figures were true, the iPhone 5 will be Apple's most successful launch.

The new iPhone could spark another Apple and Android battle in terms of iOS. 41 percent of users prefer iPhone 5. It is also expected that iPhone 5 will steal the business from other carriers. Many users eye the new iPhone for its new features such as better battery life, faster performance, higher screen resolution, and stronger phone service.

Apple is set to launch the new iPhone 5 next week on the media event happening at Apple campus in Cupertino.

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