Evernote Tips and Tricks: 6 Uses for a Musician, Band, Music Producer, Songwriter

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The mind of a musician is always working. He finds music in anything and everything. Even the way a bus pulls up is music to a guitar player, bassist or musician. Evernote can prove to be an excellent companion for a musician. It allows the user to take notes which can be synchronised to the user's other devices. Evernote for mobile is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and HP WebOS and for computers - Mac OS X, Windows 8.1 Touch and Windows Desktop.

6 Uses for a Musician, Band, Music Producer and Songwriter

1.  Record audio ideas on Evernote: A tune can pop-up in the head anytime and it is difficult to remember it before the musician can play the same on a guitar or piano. However, with Evernote one can record anywhere and anytime. The audio is automatically synced and one can access the recorded piece on various other devices supporting the software.

2.  Write, revise lyrics: A songwriter can always store the lyrics on Evernote and can revise and revisit as many time as the person needs. One can edit the notes on the go, anytime and anywhere.

3.  Click pictures: The musician can also click pictures of music sheets and use them.

4.  A to-do list is a musician's friend: Apart from the daily activities and shopping list, a musician can use Evernote to schedule and organise the practice time. The software has a to-do checkbox feature which can prove to be beneficial for keeping a check on the practice schedule.

5.  Evernote for maintaining gear inventory: Evernote can be used to keep a check on the inventory like cables, ear plugs, and other things.

6.  Evernote to scan music articles: Musicians can go paperless by scanning their favourite articles and giving away the magazine to a friend.

Evernote is a powerful application and it can become a part of musician's routine. It can help the musician, songwriter or a music producer become much more organised.

Download Evernote, here.

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