Evasi0n7 iOS 7 Jailbreak Update: Official iOS 7.1 Fixes 3 Exploits Used by Evad3rs as Jailbreakers Fear Extended Wait for Next iPhone, iPad Unlocker

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The newly-released iOS 7.1 patched the holes that Team Evad3rs are apparently using to jailbreak iPhone, iPads and iPods with Apple even thanking the famed developers for identifying 'vulnerabilities' of the mobile device platform.

According to Cult of Mac, the tech giant cited at least three exploits that were fixed and acknowledged the Evad3rs as main factor in exposing the 'security issues'. The news also points to the likelihood that Apple has successfully shut down its mobile OS from further unauthorised tinkering.

As argued recently by Forbes contributor Anthony Leather, the arrival of iOS 7.1 could signal two things for the jailbreak community - either it will take a while before Team Evad3rs can issue a fresh workaround that will allow jailbreakers to pry open the software or the next iOS version will come and a jailbreak solution will be hard to come by.

The possibility is quite high that Apple engineers will shut out fresh attempts to poke inside of iOS 7.1 following its release, he added.

In other words, "we're likely to see a lengthy period, maybe even as long as a year, before another jailbreak is released," Leather wrote.

As if to confirm his assessment that the new iOS build is a tougher nut to crack this time, Team Evad3rs is eerily quiet on the matter. It used to be that in less than 24 hours, the group has ready answers to iOS patches deployed by Apple.

A check on the dev team's official site showed that the latest Evasi0n7 build is 1.0.7, which the group has provided to deal with recently reported Cydia issues.

The solution was made available on March 1 as announced by the dev team on its official Twitter page. Then the tweets fell silent, at least on the subject of iOS 7.1.

But there are noises filtering and most of them came from various jailbreakers, who warned that iOS 7.1 is not safe for jailbroken iPhones and iPads. Best to stay away for now so as not to be locked out from the Evasi0n universe, as @MuscleNerd would always remind.

The consensus among the jailbreak community is to skip iOS 7.1 until words from Team Evad3rs come out. Nothing big in security and stability are to be missed out anyway, according to numerous jailbreak blogs, save for some UI enhancements.

Jailbreakers' general verdict on iOS 7.1 appears to be: it is a cool jump from iOS 7 but nothing to be itchy about in upgrading, especially in the case of those who use customised and unlocked iOS devices.

But really the BIG QUESTIONS are: When is the Evasi0n7 iOS 7.1 release date? Will it be sooner or will it arrive at all? Of course, the authoritative answers could only come from Team Evad3rs.

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