Eva Mendes ,Jessica Alba's Personal Trainer Reveals Secrets Behind Their Great Bodies

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Actress Jessica Alba
Actress Jessica Alba Reuters

Every woman craves to get a well shaped body. An enviable figure comes with lots of effort.

Apart from putting across individual effort, it is equally important to have an accomplished trainer who exactly understands different body types and provides guidance according to that.

Some of the hottest celebrities of Hollywood have been proved to be truly fortunate as they have got an excellent personal trainer and nutritionist; Ramona Braganza.

According to the report by Daily Mail Ramona revealed the secrets behind the exceptional bodies of renowned names like Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Kate Beckinsale, Anne Hathaway.

Ramona comes up with complete transformation of figures from within six weeks.

As explained by Daily Mail, her 3-2-1 training method includes three cardio segments, two circuit strength training and one core segment. This training method made including Jessica Alba, Halle Berry to maintain their great shapes.

Ramona said it is really important to the eat right kind of food. “Eating the right foods at the right times will make a difference in the way you gain muscle tissue,” she added.

To fulfill the need of the body by proving proper food helps maintain the natural balance. To fight harmful free radicals that get generated after a hard training, fresh fruits and vegetables should be on the regular diet.

Ramona also advised not to skip exercise and suggest women should lift weights.

“Try combinations that include single-legged squats, single-arm pushups, walking squats and sit-ups. A full-body workout can get you the sweat you need in 10 minutes,” she was quoted saying.

Ramona also asked for proper rest and recovery which is required to rebuild muscle tissue and recharge energy supplies. She told her clients to train three days on and one day off.

“Jessica eats plenty of fruits and vegetables and enjoys most dishes. Jessica eats only until she is full then puts the fork down,” Ramona recalled. She insisted that carbohydrates intake should be limited to fruits, vegetables and things like whole grain breads.

“Halle Berry has learned to control her diabetes by limiting her carbohydrates to ones that do not cause a rapid rise in sugar levels, this has had the added benefit of weight control”, she said.

And her final suggestion was to make your own goal and stick to it which is the best way to flaunt a flawless body.

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