Eugenie Bouchard is Better Than Maria Sharapova, Claims Her Agent

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Canadian tennis sensation Eugenie Bouchard who is fondly called as "Genie" has been hailed as the new Maria Sharapova. The claim comes from none other than her agent Sam Duvall.

According, to Mr Duvall, the 19-year-old has every possibility to become the next golden girl in tennis. He has claimed that she possess all the qualities to surpass Ms Sharapova who is arguably considered as the most "marketable" woman athlete in the world is an immaculate combination of beauty and talent.

Even though Ms Bouchard failed to reach the finals at the Australian Open in 2014 as she was defeated by China's Li Na, she already created history by reaching the semi-finals. This was the second time a Canadian reached the semis of a Grand Slam competition. She was also the first Canadian to win a Grand Slam when she won the Junior Wimbledon in 2012. Ms Bouchard is the highest-ranked female tennis player in Canada at the moment.

Sydney Morning Herald reported that Ms Duvall has been toiling hard with Genie for the last six years. He believes that she has some rare qualities to be the next big name in world tennis. The combination of her looks, personality and talent can prove to be lethal, he argues. Additionally, she can also speak in a couple of languages (English and French). He has claimed that Ms Bouchard has more marketable qualities than Ms Sharapova. However, he has agreed that she has to perform much better to match up to the achievements of the Russian athlete.

According to reports, Ms Bouchard's "market" has reached an all-time high after her performance at the Australian Open. She is presently sponsored by Nike only but is expected to end up with many more lucrative deals soon. She made quite an impression at the tournament which saw many top-ranking players, including Ms Sharapova, thrown out of it quite early.

Ms Bouchard, nevertheless, declared that she had been destined to be enlisted along with the best of the names in tennis. Earlier she received support from Justin Bieber whom she dreams to date.

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