Essex Dance Teacher Gets 80 Bridesmaids For Her Own Wedding

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Can you imagine 80 bridesmaids accompanying a bride right down the aisle? Well for 26-year-old dance teacher Katie Dalby, it is possible!

As the dance teacher from Harwich, Essex was having a hard time choosing which pupil to choose to be one of her bridesmaids in her upcoming wedding with fireman Norman Gooch, she instead settled for all of them. There were 74 of her pupils from the Boogie Shoes Dance Academy plus three sisters-in-law, a niece, her best friend and one cousin. In total: 80 bridesmaids!

Why 80 Bridesmaids?

As Ms Dalby and Mr Gooch said their vows, the bridesmaids were arranged in rows along the aisle wearing similar pink entourage dresses. According to the bride, she thought it will not be fair if she would choose only one out of her 74 pupils with the help of the mums in dressing the kids up.

The pupil bridesmaids have ages that range from two to 17 years old who are mixed students of ballroom, rock and roll and disco dancing in Ms Dalby's classes. Even the reverend assigned to conduct the ceremony said there was enough room especially in the pews to accommodate such a big number of 80 bridesmaids.

The road right outside St Nicholas Church was closed to give way for the huge procession line up before the 80 bridesmaids would fill up the church.

All the guests along with the little bridesmaids and their parents went to the seafront hotel in the locality for the grand reception.

Other Record Holders

On March 2013, there was also a class of primary school students who witnessed their own single teacher become a Mrs. Lynette O'Callaghan got married to Greg Stevenson at the St Botolph's Church in Lincolnshire during her birthday. Along with family and friends, the couple was also joined in 24 of her pupils from years one to two.

All the students were given permission to take a quick off from the Saxilby Primary School. The pupils even turned up in their uniforms just to sing church hymns and help in showering Ms O'Callaghan with lots of confetti.

However, the 80 bridesmaids record of Ms Dalby remains undefeated!

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