Escaping LA, Reason for Justin Bieber’s Possible Move to Atlanta?

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Justin Bieber
Pop singer Justin Bieber appears via video conference in his first court appearance after being arrested on a drunk driving charge in Miami, Florida in this file photo taken January 23, 2014. Bieber, who racked up charges in two cities in the span of a week, would be wise to use provocative songstress Miley Cyrus as his guide to navigate the transition from teen pop stardom to a serious adult career, branding and celebrity crisis experts said. REUTERS/Walter Michot

The young "Baby" singer has now set his eyes on moving to Atlanta with plans of launching a hip hop career in the said city since it is viewed as a thriving haven for hip hop by most artists. This change in career path and location for the teen has garnered various reactions from Hollywood insiders and fans alike. The move to Atlanta is just a start and more surprising news might be expected from the 19-year-old singer, especially since he has already chosen his new name "Bizzle."

Apparently, he is already scouting several properties in Atlanta and seems to have taken a liking in one of the mansions in Blackland Road. This is in the Buckhead district which means that he might be staying in the same district with Usher if he chooses the same neighborhood. The district is pretty exclusive and the mansions there are not cheap and the house that Bieber has been eyeing costs around $10.95 million.

Talk about expensive lifestyle. This is only one of the possible acquisitions for Bieber and he is still looking to other properties. According to TMZ, Bieber wants a property with a minimum of 10,000+ sq. ft. that is not visible from the street and is between $4 and $10 million.

It has been rumored that the Calabasas mansion in Los Angeles may become empty of the Pop star if he chooses to stay in Atlanta but Bieber has yet to release his statement on his future plans.

The problems of Bieber's neighbors in Calabasas may be reasons enough why the young Pop sensation will choose to sell the property. Neighbors complained of the young singer speeding through the community and having loud parties. There are even some issues with the limo driver that apparently lead to him being fingerprinted and booked.

The egging incident has also been pretty hot on the news and legal actions were taken by his estranged neighbor. The deputies in the Los Angeles County Sheriff are seeking for a felony charge and moving to Atlanta while things cool off may be good for the Pop star.

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