Erotic Spree: Top 3 Escapades For the Uber Naughty

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Whether you crave for sexual stimulation or want to experience something erotic, there are different adult vacation destinations for you.

Couples and partners wanting to experience an erotic holiday can choose from top three very naughty destinations in the world:

1.  Ren Faire Fetish at Schloss MIlkersdorf in Brandenburg, Germany

Those who have a penchant for ren faire fetish, also known as fetish for mating rituals during the Renaissance, should embark on a journey to Castle Milkersdorf. Guests are to stay at an inn near the castle and picked up at 8 p.m. to go to the castle. What you will see there will be an erotic eye opener and a cultural experience.

On Fridays, evening wear is required for all guests but from 10:30 p.m., women should wear lingerie. Lingerie is mandatory according to Schloss Milkersdorf's Web site.

Price: $300 per couple a night

Contact details: +49.356.046.4439

2.  Couples Tower Isle in Jamaica

If you are willing to spend for a truly erotic holiday, going to Couples Tower Isle is a great idea. The five-star resort caters to couples only which means you can't bring the kids and singles are not allowed. It's for couples and all of them are naked. Clothing is banned literally so if you want to be walking around in an exclusive island in your birthday suit, heading to Jamaica is a fine choice. The place is fancy and has a sweeping view of the sea. It also features chic décor.

Price: $630 per couple a night, price can go up depending on what package you choose.

Contact details: +1.876.975.4271

3. DR Nights for Single Men

If you do not have a partner, DR Nights in Punta Cana, Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic will provide you with a girlfriend. From the minute you step out of your plane, you will be given the best service that only James Bond can get for free. Hot women will pick you up and you'll take the ride to the resort on a Cadillac. Sounds good? You will be given a complimentary drink once you've arrived. If you feel like it, you can also have a cigar. There will be lap dancing.

Price: From $2,130 (package)

Contact details: 561.237.8068

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