Entry Denied: Justin Bieber Goes Back from Canada Casino Entry, Tries to Hush Up Entire Episode

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An electronic billboard sign shows U.S. and Canadian hockey players sandwiched between the image of pop star Justin Bieber, on a wall in Skokie
An electronic billboard sign shows an image of pop star Justin Bieber sandwiched between U.S. and Canadian hockey players on a wall in Skokie, Illinois February 20, 2014. Hockey titans Canada and the United States played their men's ice hockey semi-final game at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games on Friday. Picture taken February 20, 2014. REUTERS/Commandtransportation.

Justin Bieber might have felt extremely insecure and unsafe to enter a casino without his complete team. That may be the reason why he decided against entering the casino when one of his accomplices was not allowed to accompany him on his way in.

Bieber was trying to get in the Niagara Fallsview Casino on Saturday, March 15. However, he was stopped on his way. According to the spokesman of the casino Greg Medulun, Bieber arrived at the casino in a limo along with several other people around midnight. Nevertheless, one of the people who were accompanying the singer was not able to provide any proof of identification. Therefore, he was not allowed to enter the gaming floor.

Toronto Sun reported that, when Bieber and company were informed that one from the team would not be able to enter the casino, they decided to leave the casino; according to Mr Medulun. Mr Medulun said that there was "no hysteria" around even after Bieber was recognised by some of his fans. They were, nevertheless, interested to see him, he said.

Interestingly, the entire episode has been hushed up by Bieber even though some of his fans asked him on Twitter if he visited the town. Actor Christian Distefano might have spilled the beans when he tweeted on Saturday that Bieber was in town with Selena Gomez. Still, there was no mention of the casino incident by Bieber. It is yet to be confirmed if Bieber deliberately tried keeping it as secret to save himself from further embarrassments. The pop star has been under the radar for some time now. People's adverse reaction to his recent deposition video added insult to his injury.

Bieber earlier faced a similar situation when his bodyguard Hugo Hesney was not allowed to accompany the singer to Toronto by customs authorities at the airport. Hesney is facing a couple of criminal charges against him. TMZ reported that Bieber bought his bodyguard a one-way ticket back to the U.S.

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