Entertained by 'Do a Barrel Roll’? Other Helpful Google Programs Users Probably Don’t Know

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A Security Personnel Answers a Call at the Reception Counter of the Google Office in the Southern Indian City of Hyderabad
A security personnel answers a call at the reception counter of the Google office in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad in this February 6, 2012, file photo. Reuters

Google, the world's largest search engine, is not only making headlines for introducing new technologies nor for reports of its bounty riches, stock declines and growth every year. The Silicon Valley search giant proves it's not all business and knows how to have fun, too. The tech giant has consistently entertained its users by introducing tricks like "Do a Barrel Roll," "Tilt," "Recursion" and more commands meant to show a tweak in the search engine. Whose attention was not caught with the Google doodles?

More to the usefulness of Google search and the informative entertainment of doodles, Google has something more to offer its users. Google offers helpful programs many users probably do not know. Here is a summary those interested can to check out.

Google for Education

Google for Education is an education initiative supported by Google with the goal to help people from all walks of life "discover, connect, and learn." Since its conception, Google has been supporting community collaborative learning. The company has provided financial assistance and products to more than 15 million students and teachers around the globe.

Google for Entrepreneurs

Google for Entrepreneurs was launched in September 2012. It is a program aimed for people who want to succeed in the entrepreneurial race. In its official Web site, Google believes that people who have an idea can make it happen. Basically, the program is not meant to provide people with funds they need to start up their own businesses; rather, it empowers entrepreneurs by teaching them how to use Google products that can help them achieve their goals.

Google for Non-Profits

Members of Google for Non-Profits are given access to premium Google products they can use to better serve their organisation. The company offers Google Apps for Nonprofits, Google Ad Grants, YouTube Nonprofit Program and Google Earth Outreach. In the project's online portal, it shows that the international charity WaterAid has been using Google Analytics, Google Maps and YouTube to get its message across the globe and generate more support from various groups and individuals.

In a recent report by ABC News, Google is challenging U.S.-based non-profit organisations to generate ideas on how to use Google Glass in their field work.

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