England Cricketers Matt Prior and Stuart Broad Save Suicidal Man’s Life in Darling Harbour

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England cricketer Matt Prior, along with Stuart Broad and Terry Minish, saved a man who was about to commit suicide by jumping off a Sydney bridge.

Late night on Tuesday, the man was standing on the edge of the Darling Harbour, which was close to the Sydney hotel where the England cricket team was staying. The security officer of the England team, Terry Minish, informed that Prior had literally pulled the man off the railing and chatted with him for around an hour until the police came for rescue. They literally talked the man out of his decision to commit suicide until New South Wales police arrived.

The Telegraph catches Prior saying that they did what anyone would have done under the circumstances. He was glad that they could help a man who was struggling in his life. He added that he was happy that they had left the bar at the time they did. Broad and Prior were returning from a Barmy Army charity event.

At first, they thought that the man was having an adventurous time by standing on the railings. However, they soon realised the depth of the situation. Terry Minish worked with the cricketers to help the man withdraw from what he was committed to do.

The man, who threw his passport, wallet and telephone into the water, was supposed by the cricketers to be British. Broad and Prior assume so, as they found the man having a British accent. However, the man did not seem to recognise who were trying to prevent him from jumping into the water. 

The Twitter world went all gaga for Prior who set an example for everyone. Broad wrote that he was "very proud" of Prior for being there for the man even though the situation was tough. 

"My latest retweet, @MattPrior13 is a best friend of mine and I'm very proud of him. It was a tough situation but so glad he was there," tweeted Stuart Broad.

One user tweeted that no one would care for the present cricketing form of Prior and Broad as they saved a man's life.

"@thetodayshow @ECB_cricket congrats to #Broad and #Prior can't play cricket that well atm but who cares when they save a persons life #Props," tweeted @cookieDAmac88.

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