Employee Left Work For Three Weeks, Returns To Office With 'Gift-Wrapped' Cubicle

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How do you like to be greeted by your workmates when you return from a long absence? A man with the Reddit username eric160634 left work for three weeks. When he returned to work, he found his entire cubicle, desk items and all, covered with gift wrapping paper. 

Each part of the employee's cubicle was painstakingly wrapped in wrapping paper, from the desk to the dividers, from the file boxes down to the trash bin. A Christmas tree adds a festive feel in the holiday-themed decor, trimmed with gift ribbons and a photo of a sloth wearing an astronaut costume. 

According to eric160634, there were about 5 to 10 people working on this "project," and it took them the entire time he was around to painstakingly wrap all the desk components with wrapping paper. 

It is also worth noting that they used only one kind of gift wrapping paper - a blue one with Santa Claus and snowman prints all over it. 

The man took photos of his gift-wrapped cubicle, probably before ripping out all the wrapping paper, over his Imgur account and then posted a link of it over his Reddit account. The link on Reddit received comments such as "Your co-workers are awesome!" and "Talk about out doing themselves."

Viralnova made a story about the this "Christmas gift," where they wrote in the last part, "There are times in life when your job is only as good as your coworkers are." However, the man is seemingly wishing to get even with his co-workers over this prank, by way of the comment, "What should I do to get revenge?"

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