Emmy’s 2014: Lena Dunham’s Layered Pink Gown Shows Strength, Upcoming Memoir Reveals Fears While Growing Up

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Lena Dunham
Creator of the HBO show Girls Lena Dunham arrives for the premiere of the third season of the show in New York CREDIT: REUTERS

Lena Dunham's Emmys gown in all shades of pink did not win her a lot of supporters in the "Best Dressed" category, but Lena is facing more and harsher demons than fashion critics. In her upcoming memoir, the "Girls" creator shared all the fears that she had when she was a kid and the battles she fought while suffering from being both a hypochondriac and germophobe. In fact, the excerpts on her memoir can make people realize how brave she had become at 28 and for taking risk of attending the Emmy's in an eclectic gown.

Lena's $3.5 million book, "Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's Learned,' is set to be out on bookstores on September 30, but The New Yorker has published some excerpts for fans. 

"I am eight and I am afraid of everything. The list of things that keep me up at night includes but is not limited to: appendicitis, typhoid, leprosy, unclean meat, foods. I have not seen emerge from their packaging, foods my mother has not tasted first; so that if we die, we will die together, homeless people, headaches, rape, kidnapping, milk, the subway and sleep", she writes.

All these fears land her regularly in the school nurse's office because she was convinced that she was down with scarlet fever one day, polio on the next and leukemia on another day. Things did not go easier as she grows up and enters middle school. Lena claims all her phobia morphs into sexual anxiety, pain and angst.

Things began to look up for her when she found the right therapist, to whom she refers to as "Lisa" in the book. Through Lisa, Lena discovered she has obsessive-compulsive disorder, which serves as an inspiration to Hannah in "Girls". 

"Sitting with my mother in the beauty salon one afternoon, I come across an article about obsessive-compulsive disorder. A woman describes her life, so burdened with obsessions that she has to lick art in museums and crawl on the sidewalk. Her symptoms aren't much worse than mine: the magazine's description of her most horrible day parallels my average one. I tear the article out and bring it to Lisa, whose face crumples sympathetically, as though the moment she'd been dreading had finally arrived. It makes me want to throw my needlepoint supplies in her face", the actress detailed. 

Because she is finally aware of the disorder she's dealing with and she has Lisa to support her all the way, Lena said she was able to make her way through college and attain a stronger version of herself.

The book ended on a positive note, showing how hopeful Lena that her future self would be an even better version of who she is now. Walking at the Emmy's red carpet last Monday night on her attention-catching gown certainly offers her fans a glimpse of that better version she was wishing to be. 

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