Emma Watson Prepares for 'Noah' Premiere with High Expectations

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Emma Watson Prepares for ‘Noah’ Premiere with High Expectations
Actress Emma Watson arrives at the 86th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California in this March 2, 2014 file photo. After spending a decade at the Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the "Harry Potter" film franchise, actress Emma Watson put her magical training to good use for her first big budget post-Potter role, in biblical action blockbuster "Noah." In director Darren Aronofsky's movie, out in U.S. and Canadian theaters on March 28, 2014, Watson plays Ila, the wife of Noah's eldest son, Shem, who is played by Douglas Booth. To match story FILM-NOAH/EMMAWATSON REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/Files Reuters

Emma Watson may not have made a big splash since her role as Hermione Granger from the "Harry Potter" movies but her upcoming movie "Noah" may give her a chance to showcase more of her acting talents and ability to take on different roles.

Expectations are high for Emma Watson to deliver in the movie "Noah." The success of the movie could entail more diverse roles for the actress. She is currently riding on a popularity wave mostly created by the phenomenal success of the "Harry Potter" movies.

In the upcoming movie, she plays the role of the daughter of "Noah," the biblical figure who saved life on earth from a great flood, on instructions from God. The lead role in the movie is played by Russell Crowe and the role of his wife is played by Jennifer Connelly.

The other cast in the movie includes Ray Winstone as Tubal cain, Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah, Emma Watson as Ila, Logan Herman as Ham, Douglas Booth as Shem, Nick Nolte as Samyaza, Mark Margolis as Magog, Kevin Durans as Rameel and Marton Csokas as Lamech.

Instead of just focusing on the challenge of convincing his family of God's will and the challenge of building the Ark, the movie also promises some action with Ray Winstone taking up the sword to threaten and then trying to take over the ark.

There is also the promise of romance. Ila is the adopted daughter of "Noah" who eventually falls in love with Shem. Images of Emma Watson and Douglas Booth together in the movie have already got the fans excited.

The filming locations of "Noah" include Durango in Mexico, New York City, Washington, Mississippi, Fossvogur, Reykjavik and Reynisfjara in Iceland and Hollywood California in the US. The movie promises some stunning graphics and picturesque landscapes.

The budget for "Noah" is estimated to be $125 million and will be releasing in the US on March 28 2014. Australia will see the movie released on March 27 and in the UK the movie will be releasing on April 4.

Will Emma Watson shine in her new role in "Noah" or will the other aspects of the movie overshadow her performance? The star has made every effort to promote the movie and a resounding success may push her to be a top contender for serious roles in the future.

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