Emma Watson Love Life: 'Harry Potter' Actress Moves On From Will Adamowicz Controversial Pic, Now Dating Oxford Student and Rugby Player Matthew Janney?


The controversial pic of Will Adamowicz reportedly caused his romantic relationship with British actress Emma Watson to crumble. The latest reports on the "Harry Potter" star's love life claim that she has moved on from her failed relationship and she currently dates Oxford student and rugby player Matthew Janney.

A rep has confirmed that Emma and Will's breakup happened last summer and the two are no longer in contact with each other. Drug allegations appear to be the reason behind the couple's split, with Mr Adamowicz, son of a millionaire shown in a photograph with money, alcohol, tiny bags of white powder and residue on the table in front of him.  

Will Adamowicz explained the leaked image was not compromising and insisted that he does not take any drugs. "It is not what you think. They are not packages. They are not drugs. They are just bits of scrap paper," Will stated in the Extra TV report. However, Mr Adamowicz was not able to clarify what the powder-like residue on the table is.

Now, the Belfast Telegraph reports Emma Watson moves on from her failed relationship with an Oxford student and rugby player named Matthew Janney. The news on Ms Watson's new love life status surfaced after it has been confirmed that the British beauty is single and ready to mingle.

The "Perks of Being a Wallflower" star previously admitted that she is unlucky when it comes to love, but it looks like Emma Watson's luck in the love department is changing with Matthew Janney, 21, who has been dubbed as Oxford University's most eligible bachelor. "It's early days but they're very much in to each other. Matt's a real hit with the girls but he may have finally met his match," an anonymous source revealed to the Daily Mirror.

The source further gushed that Emma and new love interest Matthew make a great couple especially with Matt being described as a lovely guy, charismatic and intelligent. According to the newspaper, Mr Janney became the star of the grudge Varsity win against the university's rival's Cambridge last December 2013 and he currently studies a degree in languages.

Emma Watson, on the other hand, is due to finish her degree at Brown University in Rhode Island where she studies English. In her 2011-2012 academic year, the actress went to Worcester College, Oxford but focus on studies was put on hold due to her busy filming schedule.

A spokesman for the British beauty declared in the Express report that they do not give any comments on the circulating reports when it comes to their clients' private lives.  

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