Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a Couple? Reasons They Should Date

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Actors Watson and Gordon-Levitt present the award for visual effects at the 86th Academy Awards in Hollywood
Actors Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt present the award for visual effects at the 86th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California March 2, 2014. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

The 86th Academy Awards took place on March 2 which was hosted by comedian, Ellen DeGeneres. It was one of the more talked about awards night that people are still talking about today.

Aside from the fact that Ellen was able to pull off one of the most talked about "Selfies" which includes some of Hollywood's biggest stars where social media site Twitter was filled with reposts of the "epic selfie."

Another reason that the Oscars trended on Twitter was the team up of former "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Emma Watson arrived at the 86th Academy Awards in a lavish black ensemble and looked stunning.  The two were "shipped" on the social media site and fans went wild asking that someone produce a film starring the two. The chemistry of these two stars at 86th Academy Awards was seemingly extraordinary that fans want them to be a couple.

The two presented an award at the Oscars now the entire Internet world believes that the two should definitely date. Emma Watson is currently in a relationship with her Oxford boyfriend and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is said to be dating someone out of Hollywood to keep his relationship personal. Well, they might not be a real life couple but fans want them to have a movie as a couple and it would surely be something that fans would love to watch.

They are now considered as the internet's "dream couple." The two arrived on stage together arm in arm and JGL gave Watson a bow, like a true gentleman and Watson bowed back in acceptance and the Internet almost exploded. The two also posted a "selfie" together backstage making funny faces with each other and yet again, the web exploded with fans that wanted the two to be a real life couple. Who knows, Hollywood might just want the two to make a romantically adorably cute movie together.

If it's any consolation here are the reasons why the two should be a real life couple:

1.       She's a lady and he is a gentleman. Her accent would surely fit his "manliness."

2.       They look adorable together

3.       They have the chemistry - judging from their cute bows on stage.

4.       They are both wacky and we are judging on their backstage "selfie" together

5.       They would be the new "adorable" couple after, well just them.

6.       Give us Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Tom Hiddleston to pair with Emma Watson

See Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emma Watson's backstage selfie here: Emma Watson And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Are The Internet's New Dream Couple

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