Emma Stone Nude Selfie is Fake: Top 4 Reasons

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Internet went buzz yesterday with Emma Stone 's alleged nude selfie. The photo shows a red-head woman in a clicking a selfie while standing in front of the mirror. The woman who reportedly bears striking resemblance to Emma has her half face visible. However, the recent reports suggest that the woman in the picture is not Emma and even the actress's representative has refuted the claims of Emma taking such a bold and daring step.

A source close to Emma told TMZ that, "Stone is not the individual in the now-viral image."

For those who are still confused about the validity of the picture. Here are the reasons why the naked photo does not belong to the Easy A actress:

Life values: From the very beginning of her career Emma has maintained that she will not do anything inappropriate in her wake to get publicity. Reportedly, Emma come from a family with a strong set of values and her dad is against such unceremonious tactics to gain fame. Before the photo scandal Stone was marred by a sex tape controversy and refuting that she said in her 2011 interview, "My dad would kill me if I posed naked," said Stone. "He wouldn't speak to me again, and I really love my dad, so that's always something that makes me a little nervous," she later added. 

Famous Tatoo: Reports from Huffington post pointed out that the woman in the photo can't be Emma, has her famous Paul Mc-Cartney inspired tattoo is missing from the photo. One of the of the Reddit users noted that, " If it was real she would have her tattoos on her wrist. If this was prior to that it would have been around the Internet ages ago.

Half a face: The alleged selfie shows half blurred face of the woman and due to disclarity of the photo there is no evidence that the photo belongs to A-list actress.

Never stripped down for a movie role: Emma has never stripped down for a movie role and it is very unlikely that she will do it for viral photo.

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