Emma Stone Alleged Nude Photograph Make Her Furious: Andrew Garfield Stunned?


Emma Stone was left stunned earlier this week when her alleged nude selfie made inroads on the Internet. The "Easy A" actress is apparently miffed with her name floating in the media for wrong reasons. Though the recent reports have claimed that Emma's selfie is fake, a source told showbizspy that Emma took these photos for personal use and they were not meant to be seen by anyone, not even by her long-time boyfriend Andrew Garfield.

"To say Emma is freaking out would be an understatement. She took these photos for her own personal use---not even to send on to Andrew. She's mortified that they've become public," showbizspy.com quoted a source as saying.

The photo shows a red-haired woman clicking a selfie while standing in front of the mirror. Only half of the face of the woman is visible, and it has eerie resemblance to Andrew Garfield's girlfriend.

There is no concrete evidence as to whom the photo belongs. Emma's representative has refuted the existence of any such nude selfie, and as per a source close to Emma, "Stone is not the individual in the now-viral image."

Emma's fans wonder why such news is being floated in her name when she has clearly stayed away from controversial and sleazy film roles in the past. Emma even said in one her interviews that she will never cross her boundaries, as her dad does not approve of shedding clothes on screen.

Inspite of maintaining of such strong views on her moral values, back in 2012, there were reports that claimed that Emma Stone has a sex tape to her credit which she made before making it big on the silver screen.

According to Indiatoday reports, Emma who has now moved in with her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, in a home in Beverly Hills made the tape when she was a lot younger and was not in a relationship with Andrew.

Let us know what you think about Emma Stone's name being marred by nude selfie and sex tape reports. Do you think any of them is true?

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