Eminem Refers to Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky Sex Scandal in Music Video Of 'Rap God' [WATCH HERE]

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Eminem's supersonic, crazily fast rap song "Rap God" has a music video now. The 44-year-old rapper released the music video which impersonates Max Headroom - the fictional artificial intelligence British TV host with bleached hair like Eminem's. Eminem also walks on the water, become like the characters in "The Matrix," has wires jutting out of his head and even becomes a typical rapper dancing with a hooded grey tee!

The music video also features the rapper in a game of "Portal" and has references to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky's sex scandal. In other scene Eminem even becomes a Super Mario-like character where he enters into the fire well. Most of the time in the music video Marshal Mathers ( Eminem's real name) is found strapped to a chair as actor Keanu Reeves is in the movie "The Matrix." An unconscious Slim Shady is fed information from various sources like a novel, comic books, television news and computer games.

Eminem has references to many characters in the "Rap God" music video and their images appears as he raps their names. When he says, "Bust a rhyme," the video shows a clip of the rapper Busta Rhymes. Same happens when he names Lakim Shabazz, Tupac and N.W.A. and J.J. Fad whose song "Supersonic" is also referred to in the music video.

The rapper impresses with his ability to rap in a superfast metro-train like speed which can put his contemporaries and peers to shame. "Rap God" is the most talked about and number one track from his new album "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" and is directed by Rich Lee.

As the video begins to close, Eminem enters into a superfast rap verse and everything around him appears to follow his speed. He walks on water and closes with his now famous line, "Why be a king, when you can be a God?" We surely agree Eminem, you really are the "God" of rap.

Check out the music video below and give your comments. Rap God - Music Video

Source: Youtube.com/eminemvevo

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