Emily Blunt Reminded Of Her Past Tom Cruise Diss

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Emily Blunt dissed Tom Cruise in a past interview. The British actress, who is now starring with the U.S. A-list star in the sci-fi flick “Edge of Tomorrow, was reminded that she vowed not to work with Cruise in 2005.

The 31-year-old actress has once claimed that she would rather do low-salary work in theatre for the rest of her life than accept a role “as a spear carrier in a Tom Cruise movie,” but she has apparently forgotten about saying that since she is now co-starring with him in a new film.

“I never said that! What an awful thing to say,” she told The Telegraph.

Fortunately, the UK paper reminded her that she has indeed said that, pulling out a newspaper clipping showing her interview with The Telegraph in 2005.

“That is so funny. Well, at least I’m not a spear carrier,” she laughed.

She isn’t. In “Edge of Tomorrow,” she plays a Special Forces warrior who teams up with Cruise’s character to defeat an alien race that has invaded the Earth.

Perhaps to erase her past assessment of Cruise, Blunt then went on to praise her co-star.

“We laughed a lot. That’s the wonderful thing about Tom: he doesn’t take himself that seriously and he is very self-effacing. He couldn’t care less what people think about him – that’s quite refreshing,” she said.

Cruise seemed to be a fun, always game guy. In a separate interview, Blunt told Jimmy Kimmel on his eponymous late night talk show how she and husband John Krasinski convinced Cruise to go to a sex club with them.

“It was disgusting Matt Damon’s birthday party. What a loser,” the actress joked to Kimmel, whose fake war with Damon is well known. “And so, John, my husband, wanted to do something kind of crazy for him, because he flew to London to spend his birthday with us. And John was like, ‘We’ve got to do something crazy for him.’

“So I don’t know if you’ve heard of this club called The Box. It’s kind of a burlesque stroke sex club. I mean, people aren’t having sex. There’s like weird things that go on that are supposed to make you cringe and run for your life,” she recounted.

“So Tom loves Matt and Tom wanted to come. Earlier, I think he thought it was going to be a nice civilised dinner. So I emailed him and I was like, ‘Tom, change of plan. We’re now going to go to this club called The Box. I said, just wanted you to know. You may not feel comfortable with this. It’s kind of like a sex club.’

“He emailed back and went ‘Jesus Christ! Well just don’t let me walk out of there alone!’ which we didn’t.”

“Edge of Tomorrow” will be released in the U.S. on June 6, and in Australia on June 5.

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