Emilia Clarke Sizzles in GQ Shoot, Talks about Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen [PHOTOS]


HBO's hit series, Game of Thrones, is on its way for its third season. Emilia Clarke, who plays exiled queen, Daenerys Targaryen, poses for GQ magazine and talks about the most important role of her career to date.

Since it started airing, Game of Thrones not only captured the consciousness of fantasy fans, but of drama addicts as well because of the "crossover" plot it presents: real relationships in a fantasy world setting where seven kingdoms are fighting for dominance.

Two seasons have passed and fans are multiplying by the day. One reason behind it is the fascination towards one of the most interesting and recognizable character: Daenerys Targaryen, platinum-haired mother of dragons and a sacker of cities.

The character is played by 25-year-old English actress, Emilia Clarke, who's starting to gain worldwide acclaim as the famous "mother of dragons." In Game of Thrones, Emilia is known for her long, silver hair and ability to nurse dragons. When not in the GOT set, Clarke dons a head of shiny, luscious brown locks and a vixen appeal that she flaunted in her latest GQ magazine shoot for its March 2013 issue.

Funny enough, Emilia says that no matter how popular her character is, she is still deemed "unrecognizable" when out in public. When asked about what she thought of her chameleon fame, the actress honestly expressed her humorous side.

"So funny, because I'm so immediately unrecognizable," Clarke quips in her GQ interview.

"It takes a die-hard fan to actually spot me. These HBO events, where I'll be talking to someone for a fair amount of time, and then suddenly they're like, Oh sh*t! That's what you do!-they think I'm some crazy Brit who snuck her way into a Hollywood party." amusedly added the actress.

Emilia, aside from working hard on the follow-up seasons for the show, is linked to Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane- who in fact, likes her brunette locks. It is actually odd to find out that Emilia still prefers her "Daenerys look" over her natural features.

"It's silly to say, but when I take the wig off at the end of the day, I'm rather disappointed when I look in the mirror." concluded Clarke in the same interview.

View the slideshow below to see steamy photos of Emilia Clarke in her GQ Magazine shoot, and other photos from her Game of Thrones appearances.

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