Emerging Mobile Technologies to Expect in 2013

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It doesn't take a techie Nostradamus to predict that the evolution of the mobile industry will be unstoppable with streaming technological innovations and influence of the growing consumers adapting to the tech age.

Yearends are good times to recall the years past when mobile phones had only one main purpose - voice calls.

Below are five key landmarks how it became mobile from landline units decades ago.

  • Voice Calls using GSM standard - 1989
  • SMS services - 1996
  • Email - 2003
  • Applications and Contents - 2010
  • Multichannel User Experience - 2017

What is Multichannel User Experience?

It is the delivery of multiple-user experience across multiple inter-relating devices, multiple applications and in multiple sessions. This phenomenon will be the result of performance of in-memory computing, cloud services with speed, and virtualization.

Smartphones in 2013

If 2017 would define multi-user experience, 2013 will present more of its birthing signs such as:.

1.     Flexible smartphones with twist, bend, and rolling features. Several manufacturers have already shown their prototypes and some of them are ready to release one version of it as carrier flagship.

2.     Multiple cores have been reported from Samsung and ZTE which speculates the first eight-core powered smartphones.

3.     More user experiences adapted to smartphones. Computers now have touchscreen gestures with Windows 8 and seamless visuals from Mac OS which will surely be in smartphones. LG Zerogap Touch technology signs on about better user interface.

4.     So many users will join the growing population of smartphones as the older models phase out and the current ones will be sold at lower rates. It will have more users, higher demand, more innovations and more powerful devices approaches.

5.     Alternative functions are on their way aside from the related smartphone features. Nokia is currently researching and developing Nano technology in their flexi phones using Morph Concept and will feature solar power energy use and air pollution detection.

Smartphones to everything else

No matter how much resistance there is, the tech age dominated by mobile devices will occupy the household and make its own way to every single electronic device.

1.     Cloud service between computers and mobile devices. SkyDrive and iCloud are already usable today.

2.     Control over other devices like TVs, cable boxes, and Blu-Ray players. Some Sony Xperia smartphones can do this already and is not limited to the same brand.

3.     Even cameras are subordinates of smartphones. Samsung SmartCam is controllable with a smartphone, giving the ability to monitor every part of the house with all the camera units in just one screen. DSLR cameras are also in the list like the Nikon D3100 with the help of TriggerTrap.

4.     How about drones and cars? AR Drone 2.0 Parrot is a flying drone with video and image capturing controlled by smartphone viewed under its screen. Autonomos Labs in Germany is engaged with iDriver and can be used already for iPhone 3GS allowing the user to drive Spirit of Berlin even on top of it.

Chris Ciaccia of The Street, who reviewed his 2012 forecast, came as well with his own outlook for 2013 as foresees the following events:

1.  Twitter would go public with filing of documents to be done next year in preparation for an IPO in 2014.

2.  Zynga would be purchased after a rough 2012 for the creator of Farmville and other social networking games. A positive decision from Nevada gambling regulators could open the door for Zynga to enter the American gambling market.

3.  Apple would roll out TV sets in November with price tags ranging between $1,500 and $2,000.

In a YouTube posting, JWTIntelligence shares as well its 10 trends for 2013 in the following video:

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