Embarrassing: Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton on a Dissing Roll, Slams Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears

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Country crooners versus pop singers, who will win? Co-hosts and country singers Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan managed to diss major pop singers Justin Biebers, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears at the 49th Annual ACM Awards in Las Vegas on April 6, Hollywood Life reports.  Even though they were full of humor, the audience cannot help but think Blake and Luke were picking out on precious pop stars headlining the current music industry, which will not sit well on these popular singers' fans.

"Last year, when you heard Merle Haggard singing a song about being drunk, out of work and in jail, it sounded like Merle was signing about his younger self," Luke said.  Blake then offered the punchline: "This year, it sounds like he's singing about Justin Bieber." Quite shocking for Blake to say, considering she has a sunny disposition. And, doesn't Bieber deserve a respite from all these dissing and criticizing with all the legal and love troubles he is having?

After this Luke threw some shade at Miley as well as country singer Jake Owen, who had to have his finger amputated after an accident in the summer of 2013. "Jake lost a finger in a go-cart accident," Luke said. "You know where they found it? On Miley Cyrus' tour bus. It was takin' a selfie and smokin' a doobie." The audience did roar with laughter but one certainly cannot know who's hurting more with this diss, Jake or Miley? After all, Jake did lose his finger so he does not deserve this quite cruel comment. Miley Cyrus has already earned a thick-skin after all the controversies she had been through so this is quite nothing. Will Jake have a sense of humor about his life-changing accident?

At this time, Blake has already become so warmed up at dissing so she took a shot at the Princess of Pop by saying, "If you don't like live music, just go down the street and see Britney Spears." Britney probably would not care about this anymore since this is not the first time she's been slammed for lip syncing. But is Blake unaware that Jamie Lynn Spears is in the crowd? Nothing can be more embarassing and irritating than having to grin and bear it when someone is dissing your family! Jamie Lynn Spears is Blake's fellow country singer who just turned 23 last Friday, so let us just hope that she was not too embarassed and annoyed with Blake by this incident.

While Blake and Luke can later on assure everyone that they were joking and making the event more fun, some fans will not think this was done all in the name of good fun, or pun. Do these country singers have a grudge on famous pop stars? 

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