EMAIL SCAM ALERT: Australia Post Warns Against New Scam

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Australia Post posted its word of warning against new scam which uses its name and targets those who send and receive packages through courier.

The scam involves an email received by customers saying that a "courier" failed to track their address. The email address was The scammer will then ask the customer to see and print the information about their package and go to their local post office to get their package. But before customer can print the information asked, a payment will have to be remitted.

Australia Post reiterated that any message coming from the said email has not originated from Australia Post. Customers were encourage to be highly vigilant and remember that Australia Post will not request customers to remit a payment for parcel collection nor does it charge customers for holding a parcel.

Australia Post advised customers to delete all emails that will be received from

Other form of scam that involves parcel involves customer receiving a call from a person saying he or she is an employee of Australia Post from an outlet. The frauder will then ask for payment for the parcel to be delivered. Australia Post strongly warned that it does NOT make calls like this and that calls similar to this shall be ignored.

For those customers who are selling goods online, the scammer will send fake money orders and travelers cheques, bank drafts or foreign cheques which states a higher amount than the price of the items being sold. The scammer will then ask the seller to send the extra amount via an online banking transfer or a wire transfer.

Scammers are also able to steal customers identity through wittingly getting customer's personal information and/or credit card or bank account details. Customers are sternly advised not to give away such information to anyone. In relation to this, Australia Post also advised against mail thieves. This involves thieves getting mails from mail boxes and getting relevant information about the supposed receiver of the mails.

To prevent mail thieves, a mailbox with a lock is suggested. If the family is going away for couple of days, ask a friend to regularly get emails from your mailbox; when changing address, priorities informing banks of your changed address.

For those who have already been victimized to the scam, they are advised to call the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on 1300 795 995 to report the matter to SCAMwatch.

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