Ellie Goulding is in Love: Talks About her Long Distance Love Life, Boyfriend and Fitness in Self Magazine

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Singer Ellie Goulding arrives for the BRIT Awards, celebrating British pop music, at the O2 Arena in London
Singer Ellie Goulding arrives for the BRIT Awards, celebrating British pop music, at the O2 Arena in London February 19, 2014. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

British singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding has revealed that she is not single anymore and has a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend. The "Burn" singer, who has sold more than 17 million singles and sung at a royal wedding, has appeared in the upcoming issue of the magazine "Self." Goulding looks fit and classic wearing a red hooded jacket as she posed in front of her drums.

The 27-year-old showed off her superbly fit body and also revealed about her relationship with boyfriend McFly's Dougie Poynter. "I've definitely met someone," the blonde musician revealed to the magazine, according to Daily Mail.

However the girl with a golden voice reveals that it is tough to stay in love with someone when she has to go on tours and is forced to have a long distance relationship.

"You get to know someone who makes you very happy and then you go away [on tour], right when it was just getting somewhere awesome. It's not fun, but we can make it work," Goulding complained in the magazine interviews.

"Love is beyond everything, beyond the universe," the songstress added.

Before dating Dougie, Ellie Goulding had a brief affair with Ed Sheeran last in 2012. However their relationship did not last longer and Ellie soon found her love in Poynter.

Ellie, who is really famous now, says she does not like fame very much as it hinders her to lead her life as a normal human being and inhibits her from going out without the obvious media attention.

"I was torn between that really simple life and this life of madness. My brain was getting all these crazy signals, and I'd have these faux heart attacks that felt real," the singer revealed.

"On my way to the studio, I'd have to cover my face in the car with a pillow. I couldn't shop, couldn't go outside, couldn't see people, because there were just so many triggers. And I didn't want to tell anyone, because I just felt so stupid. I never wanted people to see me as weak," Ellie added.

Goulding, who is currently training for her fifth half marathon, says that she has never been so fit in her life as a child but things changed as she grew up. "My training is part of my life. It's something I need to do every day, because it affects my mood, my fitness, even my mind-set onstage," the singer revealed.

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