Ellen-Portia Alleged Divorce: Portia Threatened by Ellen, Rehab or Divorce--Reports

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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi
Comedian Ellen Degeneres (L) and actress Portia de Rossi pose backstage after Degeneres won the award for Favorite Talk Show Host at the 35th annual People's Choice awards in Los Angeles January 7, 2009. REUTERS/PHIL MCCARTEN

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi seem like the epitome of a perfect gay marriage as they often publicise their love for one another. They have been spotted holding hands or stealing kisses from each other. However, they have also been slammed with divorce speculations, reportedly brought on by Ellen's controlling ways and Portia's drinking habits. Now another report has claimed Ellen threatened to divorce Portia if she doesn't check into rehab. 

A report has claimed Ellen DeGeneres allegedly gave her wife Portia de Rossi a rehab ultimatum.

According to thespreadit, the host-comedian told the former "Ally McBeal" actress that she needs to check into rehab and work on her drug and alcohol problems. Otherwise, she would have no choice but to file for divorce.

That's when in May, Portia de Rossi allegedly entered the Passages Malibu rehab in secret. She reportedly checked in for a 30-day treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. Apparently, Portia still loves Ellen since she opted to save her marriage and stay at the rehab.

A previous report from IBTimes revealed that Portia also checked into rehab after an alleged fight with Ellen.

The report, citing InTouchWeekly, claimed a source said Portia hadn't been happy for a while and that Ellen's controlling ways reportedly drove her to drink.

The source said Portia de Rossi took to drinking a bottle or more a day of white wine, topped with a pill. Ellen allegedly confronted her and that's when they fought, screaming hurtful words at each other. When Portia said she wasn't in love with Ellen anymore, Ellen was crushed and told her to "get out." That's when days later, Portia checked into Malibu's Passages rehab.

Reports of Portia de Rossi's drug use could be linked to her 2010 interview about her memoir "Unbearable Lightness: The Story of Loss and Gain."

According to RadarOnline, the actress admitted to taking pills when she was 15. She recalled when she visited a doctor for a fat test she was given phen fen to lose weight.

Additionally, an admission counselor who works at the Passages rehab told Pagesix that the facility is only licensed to treat patients with substance abuse problems. So that would be the primary issue for anyone seeking their treatment.

However, despite the divorce allegations, Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are reportedly trying to work things out to save their marriage. Prior to Portia's rehab stint, the couple had tried couple's therapy. Ellen was also supportive of her wife during her rehab stay, visiting her during the weekends.

"They are on their way to repairing their marriage. It won't be easy. But they love each other," a source told InTouchWeekly.

Ellen DeGeneres also claimed her marriage is "better than ever" and that she "falls more in love with Portia all the time" during her interview with People.

As for the rehab ultimatum and the alleged fighting, the couple and their reps have yet to comment on the allegations.

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