Ellen DeGeneres Will Never Divorce Wife, Shares 'Portia is Her World'

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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi
Comedian Ellen Degeneres (L) and actress Portia de Rossi pose backstage after Degeneres won the award for Favorite Talk Show Host at the 35th annual People's Choice awards in Los Angeles January 7, 2009. REUTERS/PHIL MCCARTEN

Ellen DeGeneres is the funniest woman in America in the recently concluded iHeartRadio Awards. She is also the most persistent wife, trying her best to uphold the vows she uttered on her wedding day.

Fans have spoken, they love Ellen DeGeneres and hopefully, Portia de Rossi feels the same too and not let her go. It seems like the two has patched things up though, amidst the unending divorce rumours. A luxury condo is a sign of their fresh start after all the difficult months fighting and dealing with their respective demons. A new report claims that their sheer feelings for each other make it impossible for them to break up, at least not anytime soon.

Radar Online reports that Ellen DeGeneres, even with all the troubles she faced with for the past month in her relationship with Portia De Rossi, is still willing to stay through the marriage and work things out. She still loves Portia to bits, and the model seems to feel the same anyway. Portia's stint on the rehab only brought out Ellen's loving side all the more. As Portia struggles through her addiction, Ellen is just there, continuing to make people laugh on TV while doting and caring for wife back at home. It helps that Ellen thinks Portia is her world.

 "Ellen is very supportive of Portia and has no intentions of leaving her," a source close to DeGeneres shared to Radar Online.

 "Portia is her world," the source details. "Ellen is controlling of Portia ... but she is always talking about how lucky she is to have such a beautiful wife."

A new luxury condo is a sign that they are on their way back to marriage bliss. Not to mention, Portia starting work soon. Portia just landed herself a juicy role in "Scandal" and this is bound to make her less bored and self-destructive. One of the reasons reportedly thrown out to explain their marriage troubles was the fact that Ellen was working too much and Portia having nothing to do. Ellen could not be prouder of her wife. The talk show host herself tweeted the news.

Hollywood Reporter reported that in the July monthy survey results, Ellen won the title of the "Funniest Woman in America" showing how much she is loved by her fans. "DeGeneres earned 30.76 percent of the vote, topping Tina Fey (21.18) and Melissa McCarthy (21.01), with Chelsea Handler(6.20), Sarah Silverman (6.04), Amy Schumer (5.39), Amy Poehler (5.31) andKristen Wiig (4.11) trailing," Hollywood Reporter details.

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