Elizabeth Olsen: Learn more about the Olsen Twins' Youngest Sister [PHOTOS]

  on March 09 2012 7:40 PM

The Olsen twins have long been in the film business at the ripe age of 6 but now that Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are focusing on their fashion forward business, which sister is in the line to follow their footsteps? She would be none other than Elizabeth Olsen who is set to appear in the much awaited thriller film, "Silent House."

Hollywood has seen her make small appearances during Mary-Kate and Ashley's reign on the screen. One of which is the 1996 classic "The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley: The Case of the U.S. Space Camp Mission."

Though her appearance on the said video was not enough to propel her into stardom, her last name was enough to catch the attention of the world.

Now that Elizabeth Olsen, or Lizzie as she's called, is all grown up, she's ready to make a name on her own. With the news that her older sisters, the Olsen Twins, are to quit acting, this would only mean that Elizabeth Olsen has the film industry to herself without ever worrying about losing a role to her much-experienced sisters.

Elizabeth stepped out of the shadows and into the limelight when she starred in the drama, "Martha Marcy May Marlene" which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Her next highly anticipated film, "Silent House" is set to hit the big screen this March 9 which is a different take on the talented actress as she delves into the darker side of film. Lizzie's next film ventures include the 2013 release of "Therese Raquin" where the blonde beauty will star alongside "Harry Potter" star, Tom Felton, the film "Very Good Girls" and "Kill Your Darlings."

The Olsen twins' younger sister not only proves to be talented herself but also equally fashionable. 23-year old Lizzie has been spotted wearing fashionable red-carpet worthy get ups.

Though she's already in the film business busily creating movies for her fans, Lizzie one-ups her sisters by taking a theater degree at the New York University.

"When I got to high school, I started to develop this complex thinking, 'If I'm going to be an actor, no one's going to take me seriously so I'm going to overcompensate and do as much training as possible so that I know that I have something no one can take away from me," says a very dedicated Lizzie Olsen.

Well, Elizabeth Olsen doesn't have to worry about her sisters taking anything away from her at all because she's already got the attention of both the film and the fashion industry.

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